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The course is especially designed for the MR physicists, technologists or radiographers and MR clinicians.

Standards and Guidelines

The seminar contents are in accordance with the following guidelines:

  •     ABMRS Syllabus
  •     DIN 6876-1
  •     OENORM 1125-1/2
  •     Dutch / MHRA / RANZCR / Swiss Guidelines
Venue, Time and Organizer


Georgetown University Medical Center
3900 Reservoir Road NW
SW107 Medical/Dental Building
Washington DC, 20057

Online: Video Conference: EST Time Zone (Eastern standard Time)

Time and Date

8-10 June 2023 – Beginning at 8:00 am


2,5 day training on MR safety including hands on:

Day 1 – 08:00 to 18:00

Basics of physics and technical aspects of magnet resonance tomography

  • Hardware (static magnetic field, gradient and RF fields)
  • Physics (image generation, contrasts, artefacts, etc.)
  • Research & trends

Hands-on course „Basics of MR imaging“, 4 h lessons MR system handling

  • Experience the interactions within the static magnetic field!
  • Precautions and behaviour in the MR environment (staff & items)
  • Various experiments: MR imaging (contrasts, artefacts, etc.)

Significant hazards MRI II (MR safety, the MR system and the MR worker – IEC 60601-2-33)

  • Requirements of the MR system and the MR environment

MR safety and compatibility of medical devices I/ Significant hazards MRI III

  • Interactions of items and medical devices with the MR environment
  • Current standards & guidelines


Day 2 – 08:00 to 17:45

Significant hazards MRI I patient-specific

  • Risks with respect to the static magnetic field
  • RF field and gradient field
  • Examples from clinical practice

Significant hazards MRI IV

  • Contrast agents

Behavioral measures in MR routine I

  • Access control to the scanner room
  • Patient positioning

Hands-on: practical demonstrations and exercises

  • Patient positioning
  • Medical emergency
  • Emergency exercises

Laws, regulations and clinical standards for MR operators

  • Employee protection
  • Responsibilities

Final discussion  with Get together dinner

Day 3 – 08:00 to 13:30

MR safety and compatibility of medical devices II

  • Finding the „worst-case“
  • Labeling of devices for the MR environment

Hands-on: Behavioral measures in MR routine II (Implant labeling research)

  • Implant research
  • Case studies

Behavioral measures in MR routine III

  • Servicing and cleaning operations
  • Documentation (training, accidents)


  • MR:comp Certificate Examination (Multiple-Choice-Test)

Final discussion/Farewell

Dr. H. KugelUniversity Clinic for Radiology, University of Munster, Germany
S.T. Fricke, Ph.D.
MR-Physicist, Children’s National Medical Center, WAS DC, USA
H. Engels, Ph.DMR Safety Consultant, MR:comp and former MR Safety Director Philips Healthcare, The Netherlands
Dipl.-Ing.G. SchaefersMR Safety Testing Laboratory, MR:comp GmbH, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Wm. Faulkner, BS, RT(R)(MR)(CT) William Faulkner & Associates, LLC, Chattanooga, USA
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