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An independent Research Institute focusing on MRI Safety and Magnetic Resonance Imaging


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Who we are

Magnetic Resonance Institute for Safety, Technology and Research

MRI-STaR is a scientific institute focusing on research and development of topics, methods and standards related to magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic resonance safety. In addition to independent research, MRI-STaR works closely with universities and private research institutions.

Our research:

  • Research and development for the creation of new norms and test methods before their standardization, as well as their transfer into practice
  • Development and optimization of numerical simulation methods (e.g. in the area of RF-induced interactions, gradient induced heating/vibration and simulation of artefacts)
  • Safety of MR coils
  • Development of MR sequences

The Magnetic Resonance Institute for Safety, Technology and Research (MRI-STaR) was founded in 2015 as a sister company of MR:comp, a global leading test laboratory for MRI safety*. MRI-STaR consults manufacturers of medical devices or implants and measures the interactions of the MR-environment. We offer manufacturers the opportunity to optimize their product design already during the developing process. This way, it is possible to designe products according to official standards and incorporate best performance quality at an early stage to ensure the desired MRI Safety level.

*Please note: Although “MR Safety” is the correct technical term, the term “MRI safety” is used on this websute to reflect the colloquial use.

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Research and development for manufacturers and scientists

MRI-STaR is a scientific institute researching in the field of magnetic resonance techniques and magnetic resonance safety. Due to its special know-how and unique insights, MRI-STaR advises companies and manufacturers of medical devices during the product development phase and before the final review, approval and labeling by notified bodies.

MRI-STaR is the perfect partner to support an optimal development process of MR compatible products. The institute also supports the development of the latest norms and standards for MRI Safety and Compatibility. In order to provide the best support for partners, customers and science, MRI-STaR continuously develops its unique know-how in line with the latest scientific results.

MRI Safety for Product Development – save Time and Money

Many manufacturers without previous experience in this area are finally confronted with the issues of MR Safety at a late stage of their business process. In the final stages of market introduction this may result in unexpected costs or unpleasant delays.

For products, instruments or other objects, which are brought close to an MRI, MR Safety is essential to ensure the well-being of patients, MRI users and personnel. This applies not only to specific medical devices, such as implants, but also to all equipment which is located in a certain radius of the MRI scanner.

Instead of taking up this topic at a late stage, MRI STaR commits to provide information, consulting and support already in the product development phase. This allows the safety aspect to be assessed early and to adapt the perfect product design from the beginning. This way manufacturer can save unpredictable costs for problem analysis and corrections during the MRI safety testing and approval phase later on.

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Projects | Publications

Research Projects and Publications

Together with national and international partners MRI-STaR supports and conducts various projects.

In addition to the current projects, the research history of the institute and the cooperation with MR:comp goes back a long time. MR:comp supports the research institute as partner for MRI Safety Testing.

You can find previous results and publications from projects as well as other research results under Publications.

Training | Education

Seminars, workshops and trainings

Whether it comes to licensed and established seminars or to individual workshops and trainings – in addition to conducting research, MRI-STaR is committed to the expansion of knowledge in the fields of magnetic resonance and MR safety.

Transparency and comprehensibility are necessary to allow the potential of research to flourish. They also enable the economic sectors of magnetic resonance interactions and MRI Safety to grow sustainably. An immense part of this knowledge is accessible through the internet. However, in-depth scientific knowledge is rarely represented here. In addition, many companies specialize only in conducting test procedures or related services, but neglect education and training options.

Therefore, MRI-STaR has set itself the challenge to present and communicate MR knowledge in an understandable way – in large and small groups, according to given standards or individually adapted to the needs of partners, scientists and companies.

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