Does your company employ trained MR specialists? Do you need specific information about MR guidelines and standards of MR safety? Would you like to learn more about magnetic resonance imaging and MR safety? Our seminars and workshops are the answer to these questions.

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The audience

Various courses and seminars are designed for the special interest of different occupational groups within the medical engineering and clinical field. They take place on a regular basis.

Our certified MR seminars correspond with the latest developments of MR standards and research. Our seminars are designed for

  • MRI technologists/radiographers
  • MTRAs
  • Röntgen specialists
  • physicians (radiologists, cardiologists, neuorologists, orthopaedists, etc.)
  • as well as employees from the field of
    • research and development
    • quality management
    • sales
    • marketing
    • and product design
  • and of course also for managing directors, entrepreneurs and start-ups, whose field of work involve MR topics.


The following topics are conveyed in our regular seminars:

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging – Basic and advanced MR physics
  • MR pulse sequences
  • MR application
  • MR safety and compatibility of implants, instruments and other devices
  • Numerical simulation for devices in MRI
  • Norms, standards, guideline of test methods and MR labelling, as published by ASTM, CEN, FDA, IEC, ISO, NEMA, etc.

Durch die Erfahrung und unsere Arbeit im Bereich der MR-Sicherheit und mit der Thematik Magnetresonanz en bloc, können auf Wunsch auch zielgerichtete und individuelle Seminare konzipiert werden. Diese Seminare können sich auf Teile der genannten Themenbereiche oder auch andere MR-Thematiken beziehen.

In-house seminars

All seminars can take place in-house or at another location according to your preference. Our seminar room in Gelsenkirchen can also be rented for your own meetings or workshops.

Upcoming seminars

18. September 2020 Ultraschalltechnik
06. bis 08. Februar 2020 Medical Device MR Safety Specialist (MRSS) – USA
06. bis 08. Februar 2020 MR Safety Expert (MRSE) – USA
20. bis 22. Februar 2020 Medical Device MR Safety Specialist (MRSS) – Germany
20. bis 22. Februar 2020 MR Safety Expert (MRSE) – Germany
27. bis 28. März 2020 MRT-Fachkraft (Basis und Fortgeschritten)
07. bis 09. Mai 2020 MR-Sicherheitsbeauftrager/-experte